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If you are buying property abroad, you will have to pay for the property in the currency of the country you are buying in.

Currency Change as a foreign exchange broker will convert your domestic currency into that foreign currency and make the international payment to the overseas bank account you have nominated.

You can open an account for free with us here.

Benefits for you: cheaper exchange rate and money transfer, fast and reliable service:

We will always save you money in comparison to your bank, up to 4% of your capital exchanged.

We will give you: unbeatable all included exchange rates for your currency transfers with no hidden costs, a personal service, and fastest international payments.

We can transfer your money from your bank account at home to your overseas account. We can convert from and to virtually any currency. We can also bring your money home very quickly.

Call us on +44 (0) 207 373 2686 or email us on info@currencychange.com to talk to a professional consultant who will assist you on every step of the transaction. Click here and we"ll call you back.


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