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Currency Change can convert euros to pounds or sterling to euros and save you money compared to your local bank, with 0% commission.

Currency Change is an FSA authorised established money exchange broker for individuals and businesses. Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates can have a huge impact when you are purchasing or selling your dream home, investing or making regular transfers abroad.

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The exchange rate for example is 1 euro = 0.80 pounds. Let's say, you want to convert 10 000 EUR to GBP.

Multiply 10 000 EUR by 0.80 USD. The product is 8.000 GBP. That is the amount of money you will get when you have your 10 000 euros exchanged for pounds. You can also fill on the right of this page the money exchange rate quote window and we will give you a free quote.

It's simple and free of charge: 3 easy steps to exchange money worldwide

1. Free registration: open an account with us here, or by emailing us on registration@currencychange.com or calling on +44 (0)20 7373 2686.
2. Best currency conversion quote: your dedicated dealer will quote you the best foreign exchange rate possible and you will confirm or not.
3. Money transfer: instruct your bank to make your payment to us. When your funds are received by Currency Change your money exchanged will immediatly be sent to the bank account details you provided anywhere in the world.

Why Currency Change for pounds international payments and money transfers?

- We offer best exchange rates for all major currencies, 0% commission or hidden costs.
- You have a personal dedicated dealer to your account, who will assist you through every steps of the transaction process.

You can contact us on +44 (0)20 7373 2686 to discuss your requirements.


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