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When you're doing business overseas, our dedicated team can work with you to develop a strategy to help manage the risk of your investment's or products values changing due to volatility in currency exchange markets.

Some currencies are more volatile than others because of their inflationary or unstable economies. However, the current economic climate is also impacting more stable currencies such as the euro, the US dollar and sterling. Currency Change will be able to advise you about this.

It's safer to reduce the risk by using one of the forms of hedging available through us. In order to manage your exposure Currency Change can offer 4 types of trade transactions to suit your needs:

- SPOT TRADE: Secures the best current rate available in the market with a completion date of 1 to 5 working days.
- LIMIT RATE: give us your preferred rate to work and we will monitor the market and fill your order accordingly.
- FIXED FORWARD: You can fix your foreign exchange rate for up to 2 years paying at a stated future date. The contract must  be completed on a specified future date.
- FLEXIBLE FORWARD: Same as a Fixed Forward but you have the flexibility of drawing down your payments in tranches over the term of the contract.

Bear in mind that exchange rates could have an effect on your business' competitiveness even if you don't trade overseas. When a country's currency loses value against the pound, imports from that country into the UK become cheaper, so you may have to respond to aggressive pricing from competitors who source from that country.

Similarly, if a country's currency gains value against sterling, UK exports to that country become cheaper.

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